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The Design Platter offers Turnkey projects for all interior work for unique and standard sized designing projects. With the assistance of our talented team, The Design Platter has experienced many strategies about solutions, which includes the planning’s, building evaluation, site surveying, project analysis, design development, schematic design and drawing.
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Our Services

The Design Platter provides turnkey project services to owners, construction firms, and builders. With 11+ years of experience, we specialize in apartment buildings, interior design, landscaping, renovations, and builder supply.


Specializing in apartments, bungalows, commercial offices, and showrooms.

Trunkey Interior

Specializing in apartments, bungalows, commercial offices, and showrooms.

Builder Supply

Offering modern doors, door frames, and modular kitchens.

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Explore Our Masterpieces: A Showcase of Excellence in Architecture and Design

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Unmatched Expertise at Competitive Prices

Turnkey Solutions with Quality Assurance

Innovative Designs at Affordable Rates

Premium Materials & Finishes without Breaking the Bank

Client-Centered Service with Excellent Value for Money


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